Against boredom - fun and action for little friends.

With the bunnyInteractive series, rabbits and rodents can be meaningfully occupied and the day can be made really exciting.

Boredom is a foreign word and the best thing about it is: spending time intensively with your animal strengthens you Bond and creates mutual trust! The animals are relaxed, happy and balanced.

Dig, dig, dig – that is a rabbit's favourite and most natural occupation!

The Digging Box is made from birch wood and its simple slot assembly system means that it is assembled in seconds. The dimensions – 50 x 39 x 19.5 cm – were chosen to allow your pet to dig away to its heart's content without getting the surroundings dirty, but also to allow the box to be placed inside the cage at times.

You will quickly see the DiggingBox become your rabbit's new favourite place. Boredom is a thing of the past!

The filling ...
and everything that makes the box special:
The right sand for the DiggngBox!

Carrots? Of course... now in our deliciously Cripsy Snack, too.

Supplementary food for dwarf rabbits & rodents


corn, carrots (35%), sunflower oil

Feeding guide:

Up to 1 teaspoon per day – depending on the size and weight of the animals.

Beetroot is not only one of the healthiest types of vegetables there is – animals also love the taste. That makes it the perfect choice for a training snack that feels like winning the jackpot.

Supplementary food for dwarf rabbits & rodents


corn, Beetroot (5%), sunflower oil

Feeding guide:

Up to 1 teaspoon per day – depending on the size and weight of the animals.

The snack is not the only thing that's crunchy – the vegetables are too. And as an added bonus, the vegetables provide an extra health kick with natural vitamins.

Supplementary food for dwarf rabbits & rodents


corn, peas, lucerne (vegetables 40%)

Feeding guide:

Up to 1 teaspoon per day – depending on the size and weight of the animals.

Click & Snack training cards and Crispy Snack

Learning little tricks together with your animal is a lot of fun and is also very easy for beginners with the Click & Snack training cards.

Crispy Snack
The exciting snack hunt to hang in the cage: simply pull a little hay out of the slits and the search can begin. An exciting snack hunt game that occupies your pet both mentally and physically. For happy pets.

Here is fragrant bunny hay with a delicious snack from the Enjoy Nature series in a natural jute bag.

So the animals have to do their utmost to enjoy the delicious snack reach. And since self-searched tastes twice as good, all rabbits and rodents get to work immediately with great enthusiasm.


Things you find yourself taste twice as good and are more fun too! Sniffing and searching for food is a natural behaviour that gets our small mammals' noses working overtime. But it takes concentration, too! With our Snufflemats, the search is truly exciting and keeps rabbits and other rodents usefully busy. Boredom becomes a thing of the past. And the best thing is that spending intensive time with your pet strengthens the bond and enhances mutual trust! Your pets will be relaxed, happy and well-balanced.

Extra long Nibble-Fun

Back to the roots - the nibbling roots are made of 100% natural heather roots and provide a long-lasting treat to nibble whilst constantly nibbling off small pieces. The animals can follow their natural instinct to gnaw, they will enjoy and are kept busy. Gnawing also promotes the abrasion of the teath and dental care.

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